What Does an LPN Travel Nurse Do?

LPNs, or licensed practical nurses, are some of the most important, in-demand employees in the medical community. In many cases, it can be difficult to find a qualified LPN locally. Travel nursing agencies help to help meet this need. These special employment agencies help hospitals, medical clinics, and even hotels and cruise ships find qualified mobile nurses to work in their facilities. Read on to learn more about what the position entails and get tips for how to find work as an LPN travel nurse

LPN Travel Nurse

Travel Nursing Jobs 

Why are LPNs in such demand as travel nurses? It's simple, really: there is a nationwide (and, in many cases, international) need for qualified nurses willing to take on short-term assignments. These nurses have to be good with people, willing to learn new skills, and adaptable to constantly changing requirements of different facilities. They also have to very flexible about where they go and how long they'll remain in each location. The average travel nursing job within the U.S. lasts between two and six months, but assignment length is often extended

An LPN travel nurse receives generous compensation – significantly more than a regular nursing job – because they are willing to pick up and go, leaving behind family and friends for new job opportunities in new and sometimes exciting places. In addition to a high salary, mobile LPNs are usually provided with housing, travel and moving expenses, and overtime pay during an assignment. 

Most of the major travel nursing agencies focus on hospitals and medical centers within the continental U.S., and these jobs often call for nurses with at least 2 to 5 years' experience in a hospital, surgery, or emergency setting. Available positions can encompass a wide range of hospital placements, from ER to geriatrics to surgery.  

Other nursing agencies place LPN travel nurses on cruise ships, in hotels and resorts on foreign shores, or in far less luxurious settings providing aid and health care in underprivileged countries. These nurses perform first aid for travelers and help doctors diagnose and provide treatment

How to Get Work as an LPN Travel Nurse 

Finding work as an LPN travel nurse is usually fairly easy, provided you have the credentials and experience to qualify for the position. Mobile nurses are expected to be knowledgeable, efficient, and practiced, so it's not necessarily an ideal job for a recent graduate or someone whose nursing background is mainly in geriatrics or palliative care. 

Most of the travel jobs in the continental United States are vital nursing positions that require considerable expertise, preferably several years of nursing work. Almost every travel nursing agency throughout the country requires at least a year of relevant experience to send LPNs into staffing positions at hospitals or clinics. 

If you have the required training and background to work as an LPN travel nurse, launching a new and exciting career could be as simple as contacting the right staffing agencies. Start out by asking other nurses or researching the web to find an agency that’s a good fit for you. Once you're on your way, the sky's the limit!



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