Tips on Going to School Part Time and Working

For many people who are interested in pursuing nursing as a career, it just isn't possible to devote themselves to attending nursing school full-time, going to school part time is the only option. If you've got a current job, a family, and bills to pay, you'll most likely have to continue working to cover your living expenses and tuition while pursuing your nursing education.

If so, you're not alone—millions of students work their way through school. The good news is, it’s absolutely possible to succeed at both, as long as you make a concerted effort to stay focused, take care of yourself, and strike a healthy balance between work and classes.

Managing School Part Time

How to Succeed at Work and School   

It is possible to work full-time and go to school part time, or vice versa. You may even be able to do both full-time. But carrying the double burden of employment and school can be a challenge unless you have the necessary support, scheduling flexibility, and a strong work ethic. Below are some tips for multi-tasking success:

 Consider online studies: The main advantage of Internet nursing programs is that you can "go to class" on your own schedule. Some of these programs follow a standard course curriculum, while more flexible courses allow you to read, study, write papers, and take your exams on your own timetable, making it easier to juggle work and school responsibilities.

  • Manage your time wisely: The importance of good time management cannot be overstated. When working and attending school at the same time, you've taken on twice the schedule that most people manage week-to-week. The only way to get it all done without burning yourself out is to carefully manage and plan your time. Avoid procrastination at all costs, and make sure you stay organized and on top of deadlines.
  • Avoid other responsibilities: Don’t overload yourself with too many additional tasks. It’s probably not a good idea to take on a major responsibility with your church or local charity while you're working and going to school, for example. If you're a parent of young children, it may be necessary to find additional child care to give you more time to focus on your studies.
  • Take care of yourself: It's a delicate balance to get it all done, but taking good care of yourself is just as important as anything else. If you get sick, you'll fall behind at work and at school, so be sure to adhere to a nutritious diet, get plenty of sleep, and set aside at least a little time each day to relax.

Benefit from Employer Assistance 

If you work and study simultaneously, it may be possible for you to receive benefits from an employer assistance program. Many employers – especially larger businesses – have generous programs that pay a portion of tuition for their staff. You can learn about and apply for these tuition assistance programs by contacting your employer's human resources office.

Working your way through nursing school part time might seem like an insurmountable burden, but it can also allow you embark on a gratifying new career without the burden of a decade of student loans. It will also teach you valuable time management skills and reinforce a strong work ethic that will serve you well in the nursing profession. 


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