Why Working as an LPN Military Nurse Can Be An Exciting, Challenging and Rewarding Opportunity for You

If you are looking for new and exciting challenges in the field of nursing, perhaps you should consider a career as an lpn military nurse. You will have plenty of opportunities to experience personal and professional growth, including having the opportunity to work in exotic locales, receive advanced training and education, and enjoy first-hand the strong sense of pride and camaraderie that exists among servicemen and women. Personal and professional advancement in training, the military always emphasizes discipline, character development and teamwork. You'll see improvements in these areas you wouldn't get outside the military. You'll also have the opportunity to further your training and education, at no or minimal expense, beyond what you could as a civilian lpn nurse. Should you later decide to re-enter the civilian sector, you'll be in a much better position personally and professionally as a result of your experience in the military. There are also several financial benefits you receive as a commissioned officer, so let's look at those financial benefits. The financial benefits you can receive from joining the military are numerous. For nurses, among them are:LPN Military Nurse

  • tuition reimbursement
  • nursing school loan repayment
  • competitive salaries (average salary in a military hospital setting exceeds $50,000)
  • possible signing bonuses, ranging from $5,000 to $30,000
  • access to housing assistance and VA home loans
  • free or low-cost health, dental and life insurance  

You may also receive up to 30 days annual paid vacation and access to generous retirement plan options. The military likes to provide financial incentives to entice top talent to join them, so there will be plenty for you to take advantage of. A Challenging But Rewarding Career Working as an lpn military nurse certainly can be challenging and stressful at times. You must be able to work long hours on occassion and have the ability to make quick, life-saving decisions. You'll most likely be working in some type of fast-paced environment depending on your specialty. Imagine working on a military aircraft 25,000 feet above sea level or in the rugged remains of war-torn areas. You must be able to adapt to different kinds of environments and, when on deployment, be comfortable working outside the typical hospital setting that civilian nurses are accustomed to. Trauma victims are dependent on you to save or preserve the quality of their lives. Furthermore, lpn military nurses themselves are not immune to the dangers of war. But all the things that make this specialized field challenging make it very rewarding as well. As a commissioned officer you will have rank, and your performance and accomplishments will be recognized with awards and increased rank. You will have a sense of pride and satisfaction from serving your country and from saving and healing those who fight for the freedom of our nation. Additionally, the fact that the citizens of your country are thankful and proud of the work you do is rewarding as well. So if you think life as a military nurse may be for you, consider visiting with military recruiting personnel (preferably someone who has experience as an lpn military nurse) who will be able to answer your questions and help make this important decision easier for you to make.

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