Perhaps You Would Be A Good LPN Hospital Nurse

Most people like to feel useful and needed. In fact, many people gauge their own sense of self worth by how helpful they can be in the world. For some, the idea of service is a great honor and a responsibility they take very seriously. Many health career minded individuals are interested in the idea of becoming an LPN hospital nurse for this exact reason - the idea of helping people who are sick or injured gives them a sense of self worth.

There is sometimes a feeling that those who are employed in nursing are somehow less qualified, experienced, or important than the attending physicians and doctors. This is never a sensible thing to assume. Many hospital nurses who perform support duties for doctors and surgeons have more practical experience than the doctor they are assisting.

LPN Hospital Nurse

Experienced LPN hospital nurses are certainly well qualified to make initial triage decisions, and doctors rely on this ability. As far as the relative importance of the two is concerned, it's a bit like trying to decide if the cheese or the bacon is more important to a bacon cheese burger.

Because they work so closely and fairly anonymously with the patients, it can be difficult for these hospital nurses to get the respect they deserve. But then again, this career path often attracts people for whom fanfare and recognition are absolutely unimportant. Perhaps they prefer to be that unnamed benefactor who changes sheets in the middle of the night and always has a pleasant word to say.

Some hospital nurses develop specialties, and this is very true if they tend to work in the more niche areas of health care. There are those who focus on relating to child and teenage patients, others who deal mainly with the elderly. Some are great at keeping people calm during major trauma, and this can be very useful if there are distraught family members around. The doctor can't do much if there's a lot of yelling and shoving.

Maybe you have always thought that this would be a good sort of job for you. If you are good at taking charge, but also good at taking direction without question or hesitation, you are already in a better position than many other people to qualify as a hospital nurse.

This is a job in which it can be very important to be able to make strong and fast decisions when necessary, but also to defer without question to the doctor in a time of emergency. This is not always an easy thing for people to do.

Maybe it isn't the prospect of years and years of very difficult and expensive training that is keeping you from becoming a doctor. Perhaps it would be a better fit for your own personality and style if you were to embark upon a career as a hospital nurse. It's a hectic, demanding, and ultimately extremely rewarding job for the right people. And you get to fall asleep each night knowing that you really did manage to help someone.

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