How To Move From an MA to RN Degree

The steps necessary to go from an MA to RN will depend largely on the amount and kind of education or training that you received to become a medical assistant. Although the course requirements are different, two year associate degrees are available for both the registered nurse and the medical assistant.

A one year program is available for medical assistants (MAs), but not for RNs. It is possible to work as an MA without receiving a degree or diploma through on the job training or other avenues.

You may be able to get credit for courses that you have taken in the past, depending on the college or university that you attended and the one that you hope to attend.  You can check with the enrollment or guidance counselors at your local community college to get an idea about how many more hours of study you would need to obtain the higher degree.

MA to RN Considerations

In addition to increasing the number of procedures that you are allowed to perform and the kinds of advice that you can offer, obtaining the education needed to become a registered nurse pays off.   People that advance from an MA to RN can expect to earn twice the hourly rate.  According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, the hourly rate for an MA ranges from $10 to $18.  For an RN, the scale is between $20 and nearly $36 per hour.

The only drawback to making the change is the time and money needed to obtain the additional education.  But, because the demand for qualified nurses continues to increase, there are many forms of financial assistance, including loans, grants and work-study programs.

You may already be performing some of the same procedures performed by a registered nurse.  But, many of the tasks delegated to an assistant are those that the nurses do not want to perform.

So, basically, to go from an MA to RN degree could mean that you make more money for performing the same tasks.  In some cases, you may actually be asked to do less.

The demand for both professions continues to grow as time goes by, especially in the US.  As the population increases and people are living longer, there is an increased need for healthcare professionals of all kinds.

The potential for growth and advancement is simply higher for nurses than it is for medical assistants.  So, going from an MA to RN degree could be a good choice for you.

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